Bodybuilding is a long and slow process. It is also a painful one, as your muscles are stretched to the limit with very little time allowed for repair and recovery. It takes a lot of persistence to sculpt your body into the physique you desire. There may be frustration and disappointments along the way, and motivation will be the key to seeing your program through.


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Keep your morale high with these suggestions for staying motivated in bodybuilding:

  • Begin with the end in mind – Thinking of the pain and difficulties bodybuilding entails will discourage you from starting the program. Instead, focus on a clear picture of how you will look as you attain your end goal. Center your thoughts on the satisfaction you will feel after reaching your goal. Bodybuilding is very much a mind game. Keep your mind trained on the finish line
  • Every workout is another step – Bodybuilding is a long journey and every single step is important. Rather than getting overwhelmed, direct your thoughts to the next step. Give your all to each subsequent phase. You can conquer, one step at a time.
  • Try something new – There are no hard and fast rules for bodybuilding routines. You are free to experiment and try what works best for you. When you get tired or bored of your routines, change them up.
  • Use music – Admit it: Exercise can be boring. Make your exercise routines interesting and alive through music. Crank up your favorite tunes for variety and motivation.
  • Get a buddy – Training with someone adds interest and accountability. Start a friendly competition with your buddy each time you work out. The challenge can help keep you engaged.

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