Decreasing body fat and losing weight are major concerns, especially during the beginning of the year when people traditionally set their New Year’s resolutions. Losing fat, however, is not the easiest proposition. The difficulty of losing body fat depends on your current levels. The heavier and bigger you are, the more body fat you are likely to get rid of.

Ways to Decrease Body Fat

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People may be concerned about losing body fat for many reasons. Some may be concerned about their overall health, others may wish to stave off diseases that lurk in their family history. Some people may want to start preparing for swimsuit season while others may be training for bodybuilding competitions.

While shedding fat isn’t simple, it’s certainly achievable. Her are some ideas for getting rid of excess fat.

  • Exercising moderately with aerobics and weights – A mix of aerobic activity and muscle strengthening exercises is essential. Men who have more than 25 percent body fat and females with more than 30 percent body fat should start gradually before moving up to higher-intensity workouts.This will ensure smart pacing without undo stress at the outset.
  • Cutting back on bad fats and carbohydrates – High body fat is usually the result of taking in too much of the wrong kinds of fats. Don’t cut out fat all together. Instead, increase the intake of good fats while cutting back on the bad ones. Good fats include omega 3 and omega-6 fatty acids. These acidshave fat-burning effects because they enhance the body’s metabolic function. While carbs are critical for energy, it’s important not to eat too many of them and to choose your carbs wisely. Complex carbohydrates such as brown rice, beans, and potatoes stimulate metabolism without causing the extra production of insulin. Insulin can lead to greater storage of fat.Make sure to add plenty of lean protein to your diet. The body will need it for muscle repair.
  • Mixing aerobic sessions – Aerobic exercise is critical, but many people fail to stick with it because it can be boring. In order to eliminate boredom, do a range of different aerobic activities. Combining different exercises can kick the metabolic process into a higher gear, facilitating large-scale fat loss.
  • High-intensity interval training – This advanced form of aerobic exercise aims to remove body fat at a faster rate. It is very demanding and includes periods of extreme fitness mixed with periods of rest. It can be a very effective fat-loss method.

Cutting back on bad fats, eating carbohydrates selectively and in moderation, and exercising consistently can effectively rid the body of excess fat. This can help you feel and look better in the coming year.