Testosterone can boost muscle and burn body fat. It can also help improve libido, sleep, mood, and overall health. Unfortunately, testosterone levels in men begin to decline once they hit age 30. At this stage, men also move to a higher risk for health problems such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, low mineral density, obesity, reduced muscle mass, and impaired sexual function.

Ways to Boost Testosterone Levels

(Pixabay / Kantasimo)

Fortunately, there are several ways of increasing your testosterone levels. Consider the following:

  • Eat good fat – Dietary fat is an essential factor in optimizing the body’s natural testosterone production. In the past, fats were associated with elevated cholesterol levels and an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases, but today they are recognized as a way of increasing testosterone levels. Studies have shown that diets rich in monounsaturated fats tend to increase testosterone levels.
  • Don’t avoid cholesterol – Diets lacking in cholesterol can ultimately lower testosterone levels. Researchers have found a significant correlation between HDL cholesterol levels and free testosterone levels.
  • Take testosterone-boosting supplements – The right supplements can help elevate your body’s testosterone levels. TestX Core is a men’s health supplement that is designed to boost free testosterone levels. It contains an exclusively formulated blend of top quality ingredients. As you continue to take TestX Core, results will incrementally increase, enabling you to reach the pinnacle of your physical potential.
  • Strength train – While diet can have a marked influence on testosterone, so, too, can effective strength training. High intensity weight training stimulates increases in testosterone secretion.
  • Don’t overdo workouts – Long training sessions can actually hinder testosterone production. Working out for more than an hour will cause cortisol production to rise and testosterone to plunge.

Once you are able to elevate your testosterone levels, make sure you take the steps to maintain them. Keeping the levels high can help improve sex drive, sexual performance, and muscle mass.