Father’s Day provides a great excuse to pay tribute to our dads and focus on the many things they have done for us. You might find yourself pondering the perfect gift or card, but you should also consider giving your dad the gift of time. More than just a few hours on Sunday, you can spend the weekend with your dad, doing things you both enjoy.

Ways to Bond With Your Dad on Fathers Day

(Pixabay / jill111)

  • Go-Kart ride – A thrill-filled ride will help you make a memory that neither of you will soon forget. Take your dad to the speedway, get him set up with a Go-Kart and helmet, and let him enjoy the excitement of zipping around the track. This will bring out the child in your dad.
  • Paintball – Give your dad the opportunity to explore his warrior spirit. Dress right and remember to wear your protective eyewear. You and your dad can bond over a bit of friendly fire.
  • Battle reenactment – Transport your dad back in time by heading to a Revolutionary or Civil War re-enactment. Your dad will experience first-hand a small slice of history and be able to live out things he has only read about in books.
  • Sports – Take your dad to his favorite sports event. Buy two tickets so you can watch the big game together. Even if you don’t love the sport or you’re not a fan of your dad’s team, focus on the real purpose of the activity—being together.
  • Camping – Visit your dad’s favorite camping site. Pitch a tent and start a campfire. Recount memories from past years while cooking up dinner or roasting marshmallows. Your dad might even share some stories from his past that you have not heard before.
  • Car show – If your dad is a car nut, contact a local car club and find a nearby show. Your dad will be mesmerized by the different kinds of cars on display. Be ready for plenty of stories about your dad’s former cars or his early experiences with driving.

Sometimes the best gift is just being there. Enjoy spending time with your dad. You may even start a yearly tradition in the process that you can return to for years of Father’s Days to come.