All eyes are on the Super Bowl in February. It’s the biggest single sporting event in the U.S., attracting well over 110 million viewers. The players on the field may seem downright super human as they run, throw, and catch with astounding strength and skill. Truth is, though, they’re people just like the rest of us who would likely attribute the majority of their success to hard work.

Football Player Power

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Football Player Training

It’s true that most football players are endowed with natural talent, but talent can only take them so far. Their strength usually lies in the intensity of their workouts.
If you’re looking to be more powerful in your physical training, take these tips from standout football players:

  • Measure progress – Football players measure and record their workout performance. This is done to ensure that there is no slacking off and that athletes are constantly improving. Measuring workouts can quantify an athlete’s progress and help him assess where he may need to employ extra effort.
  • No season is off-season – Many athletes look forward to the off-season as a prime time to kick back and relax. Not pro football players. If they did much lounging around, they would likely find it very difficult to get back in shape for the next training season. Football players continue their workouts during the off-season, though some “mix it up” by dabbling in other sports such as boxing.
  • Don’t neglect leg training – It’s easy to over-emphasize upper-body strength, but leg strength is critical for football players. They often employ brutal workout regimens involving their legs. It is typical to see a football player squatting more than 400 pounds of weight.
  • Increase flexibility – It’s critical to be nimble if you want to have good footwork on the field. Increasing flexibility will enable a player to rapidly change directions, which is necessary for any position in football. Players should focus on stretching out thoroughly in conjunction with their regular workouts.
  • Cardio counts – Football players lift weights to get strong, but there’s more to the game than just bulk.Football is a test of speed and endurance that will often drive heart rates through the roof.Cardio training is vital to a player’s prowess on the field.
  • Get sleep – Football players take a physical beating during the game, and they need plenty of rest to recover their muscles and their mind. Football teams often impose curfews on their players to ensure that they get adequate sleep.

Being a football player is not all glamour. The next time you watch the Super Bowl, consider that behind the scenes are backbreaking workouts and killer trainings to form the athletes into true instruments of power.