TestX Core, manufactured by Phenom Health, is the leading men’s health supplement that boosts the body’s production of natural testosterone to benefit all aspects of physical performance. The company beat sales forecasts for Q2 of this year, largely due to seasonal peaks in the demand for the product as everyone wants to look his best for summer.

TestX Core

Phenom Health is the leading manufacturer of various health and wellness products. It manufacturers TestX Core, a supplement that boosts the testosterone levels in the body like no other. Using an exclusively formulated blend of the most effective and potent ingredients, TestX Core enables users to reach the height of their physical performance. It is designed to provide users with various benefits, with the positive results growing in each month of continuous use. TestX Core is formulated to sustain energy, prove stamina, and reduce recovery time. It is normal for men to have declining testosterone levels as they age, and TestX Core is used to counteract that natural decline. TestX Core is usually the secret weapon why some men are able to push themselves harder in their physical activities. Users of TestX Core are the people you see at gym routinely doing intense workouts.

Men want to look their best for summer because of the different sports events and activities where they have to put their bodies on display, such as running the marathon or simply frolicking at the beach. To achieve the type of body that they will be proud to display during the activities of summer, they train hard on the days leading to summer. The intensified workouts before the onset of summer increased the demands for the men’s health supplements such as TestX Core. This results in the company beating its sales forecasts for the second quarter of this year.

“Men train hard during the days leading to summer in order to achieve the type of body they will be proud to put on display during the different summer activities. Training hard is made possible by the number one men’s health supplement that boosts the body’s natural production of testosterone. We at Phenom Health are thrilled of the continuous patronage for TestX Core shown by our loyal customers,” says Tiffany Dawson, Vice President of Product Development.