TestX Core is an in-demand men’s health supplement. It is specially designed to boost free testosterone levels in the body which results in better physical performance, improved stamina, and reduced recovery times. TestX Core manufacturers have recently modified the ingredients to introduce a fortified version that boosts stamina for muscle building properties.

TestX Core is manufactured by a respected health supplement company, Phenom Health. Phenom Health’s latest product, TestX Core, has been a smash hit. The product is designed as a safe way to boost free testosterone in the body. Best of all, it does not matter how physically fit users are as TestX Core is a great pair to any workout routine. The potent components found in TestX Core pave the way for effective muscle growth.

The company’s internal forecasts are seeing an increase in sales as demands will surely grow with new year resolutions. With widespread demand and clamor for TestX Core, Phenom Health is projecting an increase in sales as well as profits for the upcoming months. Vice President for Product Development, Tiffany Dawson is happy to announce the new and fortified formula for TestX Core “We are fully stocked and loaded. Our projection for annual sales always peaks during the first quarter of each new year. TestX Core is all set for the upcoming orders, and we’re stocked with the new and improved formula.”

Testosterone is the primary hormone that controls your ability to put on muscle mass, to gain strength, and of course, maintains your sex drive. TestX Core’s natural, herbal supplement stimulates your body’s natural production of this vital hormone, so that you experience better workout, gains in strength and muscle mass, and more satisfying intimacy for both you and your partner.

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