TestX Core is a natural men’s health supplement that boosts the production of testosterone. The product is manufactured by Phenom Health, a recognized name in the health and wellness industry. In an effort to appeal to TestX Core’s expanding and diversifying core of customers, Phenom Health has debuted a new branding initiative that includes re-designed packaging. The company believes the fresh, new visual appeal of the design will resonate with the full spectrum of TestX Core patrons.

TestX Core

TestX Core contains an exclusively formulated blend of ingredients that augment the levels of free testosterone in the body. It helps increase lean muscle mass, decrease recovery time, support hormone production, and enhance stamina and energy.

In support of the broader customer demographic now using TestX Core, Phenom Health redesigned the product’s packaging. The new packaging and labels are expected to make a strong connection with the product’s full range of users.

“TestX Core is for any man who wants increased energy and physical performance,” said Tiffany Dawson, Vice President of Product Development for Phenom Health. “Our core customer group is becoming more and more varied. We welcome this diversity and think our new packaging will appeal to our buyers from all walks of life.”