Phenom Health is the manufacturer of the leading dietary supplements that are recognized in the wellness and health industry. The company uses only the highest standards in their manufacturing process, using only the most potent and effective ingredients to give their clients a first-class ticket to health and wellness. Phenom Health is releasing a new muscle building supplement to support the growing demand for strength training resulting from their customers’ New Year’s resolutions.

TestX Core

Phenom Health brings you only the best products for your daily dietary supplement needs, the latest of which is TestX Core. This supplement lleads the company’s products in terms of quarter-by-quarter sales, making TestX Core the company’s top earner. TestX Core boosts testosterone levels like no other supplements in the market. TestX Core’s exclusively formulated blend of ingredients allows you to reach the pinnacle of your physical potential. It is not, however, a shortcut to your muscle enhancing goals. You still need to work hard to get the body that you want, with TestX Core proving the best tools your body needs to reach the next level. TestX Core is designed to provide you with positive results with continued use.

Because many people made New Year’s resolutions that focus on strength training, the demand for strength training products increased tremendously. Phenom Health recognized this consumer demand and re-released TestX Core to compliment their other best-selling muscle-building supplements. The new product is the latest addition to the company’s muscle building supplements that will benefit people desiring to lose weight and gain more muscles.

“Phenom Health is continuously expanding our product offerings to give our customers more health supplements to choose from. We want to show our commitment to our customers’ health and well being by being responsive to their needs. Our new product offering is our response to our customers’ clamor for more muscle-building supplements,” said Tiffany Dawson, Vice President for Product Development.