Phenom Health is a respected brand when it comes to health and diet supplements. Recently, Phenom Health’s latest product, TestX Core, surpassed sales forecasts for the product’s Q3. The success can be attributed to TestX Core’s new and improved formula plus well-timed promotions, limited time special, and discounts that have been offered to customers.

The aim of Phenom Health’s TestX Core product is to help people by giving them supplements that will promote their well-being. They conduct intense research about certain plants and natural products that contain substances which can improve health. Phenom Health is a brand that is committed to improving one’s health, and their TestX Core product is no exception. They provide high quality customer service that will guarantee the quality of the products they sell.

TestX Core promotes muscle growth along with improved strength and athletic performance. TestX Core may help to improve stamina and reduce recovery time. Aside from a stellar performing product, TestX Core has sold well due to discounts, limited time specials, and bonus for their customers. It has been an effective approach to marketing that resulted in increased Q3 sales.

“Our Q3 forecasts were exceeded by actual sales numbers. We are overwhelmed and pleased about the high-turnout sales. We promise our customers that we will continue to give them high-quality supplements,” says Tiffany Dawson, VP for Product Development at Phenom Health.