Testosterone is a hormone produced in males. Unfortunately, testosterone levels decrease as you age. Here are other telltale signs that you have low testosterone levels.

Low Testosterone Symptoms

1. Low libido. Testosterone levels play a significant role in the sex drives of both males and females. As men age, their sexual desire may weaken due to low testosterone.

2. Having difficulty getting it up. High testosterone means a man’s libido is in full swing. It is also what causes him to get it up. Testosterone facilitates the production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is what causes a man to get it up. If a man has difficulty getting it up, chances are that testosterone is on the decline.

3. Small production of semen. Low testosterone produces fewer sperm cells and semen during ejaculation. High testosterone levels produce more sperm cells and semen.

4. Loss of hair. The production of hair is impaired when a person suffers from low levels of testosterone. The loss of hair may be confused with natural aging in men, but a testosterone test may imply that hair loss may be due to low testosterone count.

5. Exhaustion, extreme tiredness, and a low level of energy are some of the signs that you may be suffering from low testosterone. A person suffering from low testosterone may always feel exhausted even if he had sufficient sleep the night before.

If you think you are suffering from any or all of the symptoms written above, consider getting yourself tested by your doctor. Or, if you need a little boost during your gym session, break out TestX Core to support testosterone levels and bring back your vitality.