Building bigger muscles means that you need to work your muscles out in the gym and be patient about it. However, you will also have to learn to rest your muscles. The rest will allow them to expand and also self-repair the minor damage it has experienced. Here are some tips from TestX Core that you can do to help your muscles rest.

Resting muscles is important

1. Avoid exercising near sleeping time. Exercising close to bed can get your heart rate up and heighten the temperature of your body which makes falling asleep harder. Try and finish your workout routine at least three hours before bedtime.

2. Control your alcohol intake. Excessive intake of alcohol is no good no matter which way you look at it. Alcohol depletes muscles of valuable water absorption. This hinders muscle buildup. Alcohol may make you pass out to go to bed, but the quality of sleep that you receive is horrible. Low-quality sleep equals low-quality muscle rest.

3. Likewise, do not drink caffeine-laden beverages late at night. Make sure that if your pre-workout contains caffeine, avoid any intake close to bed. Caffeine = no sleep = no muscle gain.

4. Turn off and tune out. Even the tiniest light from your TV or laptop, yes those small beacon lights for stand-by or sleep mode, might be hindering your sleep. Total darkness can easily lull you to sleep.

5. Can’t sleep? Get up. If you are in bed and you cannot fall asleep, stand up and move around. You might be trying too hard to sleep. Getting up and moving a bit might relax you some and tire your mind of focusing on whatever it is that is keeping you awake.