Love is in the air with Valentine’s Day approaching. Sometimes men lose their standing in a relationship by tiptoeing around their women timidly, unsure of what they want or how to please them. A man may also take the woman in his life for granted, settling into the same old routines without investing time and effort to add variety and excitement to life.

Rekindle Your Relationship on Valentine’s Day

(Pixabay / Unsplash)

If you find yourself in a relationship rut, consider these ideas for rekindling the fire in your relationship:

  • Your strength – It’s easy to run out of time to exercise and stay in shape, but this can send a message that you don’t take a lot of pride in your appearance. When both partners are working toward optimal fitness, there’s a feeling of upward progression in the relationship. What woman wouldn’t be attracted to bulging biceps and six-pack abs?
  • Your presence – One of the most basic guidelines in a relationship is to be there for each other. This can be tricky when we are pushed and pulled in many directions by work, kids, civic activities, and more. Take charge of your time and make your partner your top priority. Be there physically as often as possible, and when you are away, maintain a connection by calling her or sending her texts on a regular basis.
  • Your confidence – Confidence is attractive. It makes people feel safe when they are in your company. We are not talking about machismo here, but simply an inner confidence. So you’re not perfect? None of us is. Know who you are and “own it.”
  • Your integrity – You may have all of the physical appeal in the world, but if you’re dishonest or duplicitous with your partner, it will be for naught. Keep your word and be consistent. Mutual respect is imperative for a strong relationship.

This Valentine’s Day, take the initiative and plan a wonderful evening out. Alert your partner in advance about the details of the evening. Seize the day, be pro-active, and recommit to your partnership.