Phenom Health is well-known in the fitness industry for its scientifically formulated supplements that allow customers to reach optimal physical condition. As spring revs up and more people begin focusing on their fitness goals, Phenom Health is meeting the demand by re-introducing its muscle-building supplement TestX Core.

TestX Core

Phenom Health helps customers take control of their life and body with its daily supplements. TestX Core, a highly potent muscle-building supplement, is designed to boost free testosterone levels. This can lead to increased muscle mass, reduced recovery time, explosive workouts, and improved hormone production.

As athletes and body builders resume their intensive training during spring, interest in strength-building supplements peaks. Phenom Health products help people get maximum efficiency out of every workout.

“We know that fitness is a high priority in spring time, and we wanted to answer that demand with a product that would help our customers achieve maximum results,” said Rebecca Thompson, Vice President for Product Development. “We tell our customers that as long as they are working out, they might as well make their efforts count even more with TestX Core.”

TestX Core is especially useful for males over 30-the age when testosterone levels naturally start to plummet. Positive outcomes increase with each month of use. For best results, TestX Core should be taken 90 days in a row before workouts.