Celebrated in many communities across the country, May is National Bike Month. The celebration intends to showcase the different health benefits of cycling. The proponents of the celebration encourage people to give biking a try.

National Bike Month

(Pixabay / Simon)

Biking to school or work or simply to run errands can save you money, help protect the environment, and can even shave time off of your commute, depending on traffic. Biking improves endurance and may also help in building leg muscles.

You may not see pumped-up legs overnight, but by doing the following, you can see your muscle tone steadily improving:

  • Riding uphill involves the use of more leg muscles as you fight the force of gravity. It is similar to using the treadmill at a steep incline. An uphill ride will push your hamstrings, quadriceps, and gluteus maximus to the limits.
  • Standing while you are pedaling will add weight to the down strokes and resistance to the up strokes. You will exert more muscle in the standing position than in the sitting position.
  • Slow pedaling will use more muscle because you will not benefit from the momentum of the bike’s pedals and chain. Slow pedaling allows you to do most of the work, receiving very little assistance from the mechanical apparatus of the bike.
  • Shifting to high gear will provide more resistance on the surface. Greater resistance will stress the muscle tissues, which will require repair and recovery that ultimately lead to muscle growth.
  • Sprinting will build your leg muscles. Sprints will constitute part of your high-intensity intervals and may be done either in sitting or standing position.

Biking on a regular basis and taking a few measures to intensify your routine will allow you to improve your overall health and strengthen your muscles. If you are looking for better workouts and increased strength, you can also augment your bike regimen with men’s health supplements, including natural testosterone boosters.