National Men’s Health Week will be celebrated from June 12 to 18 of this year. It is a time for males of all ages to evaluate their health and recommit to making their well-being a top priority.

Mens Health Week

(Pixabay / tpsdave)

  • Get good sleep – Adults require between seven and nine hours of sleep at night. A person who is low on sleep is prone to a number of chronic conditions, such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, depression, and obesity. Insufficient sleep is also responsible for motor vehicle and machinery-related accidents.
  • Toss out tobacco – Smoking tobacco has long been associated with macho culture. It is never too late to stop smoking, though. Quitting tobacco has many long and short-term benefits. It will improve your overall health and lower your risk of developing several diseases.
  • Move more – Adults need to be physically active. They should engage in at least 2 ½ hours of aerobic activity each week, as well as muscle strengthening activities that will work all major muscle groups.
  • Eat healthy – Eating healthy means consuming high-quality protein, whole grains, and plenty of vegetables and fruits. Fresh produce contains vitamins and minerals that will protect you against many forms of disease.
  • Tame stress – Stress, when severe, can be very harmful. Stress makes a person feel out of control and overwhelmed. Many people resort to alcohol and drugs to deal with constant stress. A far healthier coping mechanism is to stay physically active and connect with people who can provide emotional support.
  • Stay on top of your game – See your doctor for regular checkups. There are several diseases that do not show any obvious symptoms at the beginning. Regular checkups can help detect those diseases in their early stages. Pay attention to any unusual symptoms. Do not self-diagnose; leave that to the experts who have had years of training and experience. Go see your doctor at the first sign of sickness. Symptoms such as excessive thirst, shortness of breath, or chest pain should never be ignored, as they could indicated serious illness.
  • Get vaccinated – Even if you had vaccines when you were a kid, they could fade over time, and you might need booster shots.

Take advantage of Men’s Health Week to tend to your health. When you give your health the focus it deserves, you can develop habits that will help you look and feel better for life.