July 6th welcomes International Kissing Day. What a great opportunity to embrace kissing and all of the positive feelings that the act brings. Did you know that kissing also supports your health?

Kissing and health

Just like exercising, kissing is fun. Kissing makes people feel happier than ever. When people kiss, endorphins are released. This is the chemical that allows people to feel happy. Kissing regularly can help you stay happy and fight off depression.

Believe it or not, when an exchange of saliva happens, it actually is a way of fighting off illnesses. The immune system is boosted to fight future bacterias by being exposed to the germs that your partner passes to you.

Kissing helps people manage pain better. One of the hormones that the body releases during kissing is called adrenaline. Aside from making people bolder, it also helps people manage the pain they are experiencing.

Kissing develops a special bond between you and the recipient. It does not matter if the kiss is a fatherly kiss to a baby or a scorcher to a girlfriend, the important thing is that a kiss creates a connection between the people involved. Positive emotional connections equal strong physical benefits.

Likewise, couples who kiss a lot are more likely to have a successful marriage.

Kissing heightens sexual levels. Kissing can certainly make sex better. It is actually the best way to start things off. And the act of kissing and sex is sure a fun way to burn calories.

• BONUS: The Kama Sutra offers 30 plus types of kissing which allows people to experiment on what kind of kiss to give their partners.