It’s common to see men at the gym, expending their efforts to achieve perfectly pumped forearms. Built biceps and deltoids are impressive, but they may be hidden under shirt sleeves. It’s easy to see bulging forearms. Forearms are important because they facilitate the growth of other arm muscles. It’s hard to get great looking biceps and triceps if you don’t have strong forearms.

develop Killer Forearms

(Pixabay / GYMer_Jason)

The following are some of the exercises that can develop your forearms:

  • Thick bar shrug – This exercise will need a bar that is about two to three inches thick and a pair of grips, which every exercise enthusiast should carry in their gym bag. This exercise requires you to engage your core while looking down so you don’t overextend your neck. While preventing the load from straining the lumbar muscles in the lower back, shrug your shoulders as you keep the bar path close to your body.
  • Bar hang – Start with an overhand grip, shoulder-width apart, on a pull-up bar. Grip the bar as hard as you can and hang on as long as possible. You can try various hand positions for extra stimulus. The final step is hanging on one arm at a time, alternating your arms.
  • Pinch plate switch/flip – Take an Olympic bumper plate, and using one hand, hold it in front of your waist, with your knuckles facing away and your thumb on the plate’s side. Bring the plate to chest level, similar to when you are doing a one-arm upright row. From chest height, let go of the plate and catch it with the other hand at waist height. Alternate hands.
  • Wrist roller – With arms straight, hold a wrist roller in front of you. Hang a weight plate, from two to five pounds, from the bottom of the cable. Turn your wrist toward your body, with your knuckles facing up, and roll the apparatus to make the cable wrap around the roller until the plate goes up. Reverse the process by slowly rolling out the cable to let the plate down.
  • Rope climb – Choose a high-quality rope to climb on. Start by reaching up to the rope. Then pull your body up as you lock your feet around the rope to support your body weight.

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