In celebration of Earth Day on April 22, people all over the world are sharing ideas on how to create an environmentally sustainable society. Even simple steps to get involved in earth-friendly activities can add up to big changes.

Go Green for Earth Day

(Pixabay / schuger)

Here are some ways to preserve our planet and improve the quality of life for people around the globe:

  • Conserve energy – Most of the energy sources we rely on today are not sustainable. If we use energy, such as fossil fuel, indiscriminately, we run the risk of leaving very little for future generations. Rather than being careless with finite resources, we can take small steps such as using compact fluorescent bulbs or LED lighting in place of incandescent bulbs. We can also use electric or hybrid vehicles instead of cars that run on fossil fuel alone.
  • Save water – Water is another limited resource. We can conserve water by taking shorter showers and converting water-guzzling lawns and gardens to drought-tolerant native plant landscapes.
  • Walk more – Instead of driving to the corner grocery store, try leaving the car in the driveway and walking. Not only will you save gas, you’ll burn calories for better health. Using cars less also contributes to the fight against pollution, which is a major contributor to climate change.
  • Eat smart – Eat foods that are sourced from sustainable and environmentally-friendly farms. The process of raising meat, such as beef, can take a significant toll on the environment. Look for protein alternatives from non-traditional sources, such as legumes and quinoa.
  • Skip the bottled water – Drinking water from commercially-packaged bottles contributes to environmental pollution. A glut of empty plastic bottles is now saturating our landfills. When traveling, bring reusable water bottles, preferably made of aluminum instead of plastic. Although plastic bottles can be recycled, the majority of discarded bottles end up in the dumpster and not in recycling bins.

These are small measures, but if they are embraced by the majority of the population, the impact on our environment will be immense. The rising generation depends on us to preserve their quality of life.