Pushing, pulling, and hip extensions are among the most basic human motions. Fitness begins with mastering good form for these essential movements and gradually adding weight to increase difficulty while building strength and stability. It’s better to use the optimal form on simple motions than to advance to complex movements with sloppy form.

Eight Moves to Stay Fit

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Here are some simple exercises to master before moving on to more advanced ones:

  • Row – People pull things all the time but usually while leaning forward. Horizontal rows can be improved by using fitness straps that are hung from a doorway or even a tree. The straps allow for efficient rowing because of the demand for head-to-heel core stability. The exercise starts with engaging your core to stabilize the shoulders and then pulling upward until your hands reach chest level. Lower to the straight-arm position while keeping your spine straight.
  • Overhead press – It is optimal to stand for the overhead press. A standing press creates a linked muscular effect, extending from your hands through the body core and into your feet. You can use either kettlebells or dumbbells for this exercise.
  • Squat – Shifting from the sitting to standing position is one of the most common human movements. Squatting helps with this basic movement. Beginners can prevent injury by starting with squats with no weights.
  • Walking lunge – Knee pain starts with weak hips. Walking lunges are exaggerated strides to build solid leg joints. With walking lunges, start by planting one foot forward and bending the knee to 90 degrees. At the same time, bring the rear knee very low until it almost touches the floor. Repeat the exercise with your other foot.
  • Dead lift – Dead lift trains your posterior chain while providing protection to your lower back. Use 20-pound kettlebells to master the movement. Avoid bending over too deeply.
  • Kettlebell swing – You can develop athletic power by accelerating weight, through the quick application of force. The kettlebell swing is a good foundational power exercise because of its simplicity and explosiveness.
  • Pull-up and chin-up – Chin-ups and pull-ups provide a workout to the whole upper body. Chin-ups will put more emphasis on the biceps while pull-ups improve the muscles of the upper back and triceps.
  • Classic push-up – Push-ups can activate a chain of muscles. They are better than the bench press at developing your functional push strength.

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