Sex has been revered throughout history that it should only be done by married people. But, people today are more sexual. And that increase in casual sex is having effects on the health of humans; physically, emotionally, and mentally. The question is, can sex complement your workout routine to gain bigger muscles? The answer is a resounding YES!

Effects of sex on building muscles

1. Studies have shown that having sex shows some relation to the better function of the endocrine system.

2. The immune system is fortified by having sex and thus this will benefit the body builder in you.

3. When a person has sex, dopamine and adrenaline are produced in massive amounts. These are the same hormones needed to maximize workouts. Dopamine makes a bodybuilder feel better about himself while adrenaline gives the bodybuilder that boost to do more.

4. Having sex gets the blood pumping, which strengthens the heart. A healthy heart will certainly help bodybuilders pump more blood to growing muscles.

5. Like TestX Core, sex supports testosterone in men. The thing with testosterone is that it is the hormone that helps men develop their muscles.