A kettlebell is a weight made from cast iron shaped like a cannonball with a handle. A kettlebell is used to increase grip strength. It is especially appropriate for exercises that are designed to bolster the muscles in the lower back, shoulders, and legs.

Beginners Kettlebell Work out Tips

(Pixabay / dorianrochowski)

Kettlebells are often more advantageous than dumbbells because they don’t require a wide range of weights for a good workout. An 8-kilo kettlebell for women and a 16-kilo kettlebell for men are often enough to facilitate a thorough exercise routine.

If you want to give kettlebells a try, start with these exercises:

  • Kettlebell goblet squat – Holding the kettlebells by the handles, move your shoulders together, downward, to open your chest. Make your forearms vertical by tucking your elbows in. Stand with your feet wide apart, and take a deep breath. Then squat but make sure to keep your torso straight. Go as low as you can.
  • Kettlebell one-arm row – Put the kettlebell on the floor. Plant your right foot forward just outside the weight. Plant the ball of your left foot firmly on the floor behind you. Then bend your hips, positioning your torso at a 45 degree angle. With your right elbow resting on your right thigh, reach for the kettlebell using your left hand. Keep your shoulders square while completing all your reps on one side. Repeat the reps on the other side.
  • Kettlebell one-arm press – Stand straight with the kettlebell in one hand at shoulder level. Plant your feet firmly on the floor. Breathe in while bracing your glutes and abs. Pull down your ribs like you are expanding your chest. Press the kettlebell overhead using a vertical forearm, with your chin pulled back. Lower the kettlebell like you would if you were doing a pull-up. Complete your reps on one side and repeat on the other.

Once you master these simple exercises, you can try again with more complex ones. Beginners can improve their strength with more reps. If you could use more oomph in your workout, consider taking a high-quality supplement. TestX Core is a supplement that can help enhance your testosterone as well as your endurance and stamina as you exercise.